The Future of my Blog

First off, I really enjoyed starting up a blog for all our assignments throughout the semester. I’ve never used a blog, but I do follow a few on a regular basis and have been interested in how it all works. With the evolvement of information being available online, blogs can be a great way to express your thoughts to a vast array of people. I know that a lot of people are bloggers as their full time job, such as the popular mommy bloggers, which is a truly remarkable to see how far technology has taken us. I’ve decided I’m … Continue reading The Future of my Blog

Modern Day Social Media Use

How do I use social media? I use social media mainly for my personal use as of right now, but I plan to integrate more of my professional career into it as well. The most used social media sites for me would have to be Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and FaceBook. Facebook I use the least because it has been flooded with the older generation that I don’t relate to as much. The percentage of online adults who use social networking sites has steadily risen and is now at 74%. I mainly use Facebook to keep in touch with my family, … Continue reading Modern Day Social Media Use

Networking Resume Builder

(Photo courtesy of Google Images, 2015) Earlier this semester I visited the Career Center located in the Devos building in order to get some help with my resume. I was applying for jobs at this time, so it was very crucial that I had a resume with a professional perception. Having a solid resume is crucial when trying to find a job in a competitive market because most of the time there’s so many applicants that if yours doesn’t stand out in the first few glances then you might never even be considered for the job. When I went into … Continue reading Networking Resume Builder

Twitter Infographic

An infographic is a way to express information in a simple form while using visuals to help the viewer through the process. It shows how content is created, how content is shared, and what outlets are used. It goes through a step-by-step process that visually shows the outcome whatever topic you chose to do it on. I decided to do an infographic to teach new twitter users how to compose a tweet. Social Media has exponentially grown into one of the biggest media outlets, so it’s important to teach those who are uneducated about twitter. Throughout my infographic I showed … Continue reading Twitter Infographic

Social Media Management

Social Media has grown to be one of the biggest information outlets of our generation. It is used as a primary tactic for many organizations to promote their product/service via social media. It allows them to directly communicate with their target audience and get feedback in real time. The expansion of social media has forced a lot of organizations to have a specific job just for social media management. Social Media Management tools, such as HootSuite and TweetDeck are great tools to manage various social media sites at one time. It allows you to organize your twitter page into separate … Continue reading Social Media Management


For my GIF I took my video from our video project this semester and imported it from my documents from Photoshop using the layers on the file import tab. I then shortened my video before I imported it. To make it faster I deleted the odd number layers, then copied the remaining layers and made it so there was no delay. Once I was happy with my GIF, I exported it using the file tab and saved it for the web. I used 128 color to keep the file size down and I found my finished GIF in my documents. … Continue reading GIF

Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself was an assignment where we created an account at Once logged in I entered “Michael Bernard II” into the name and it came up with 10 results from google search. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Michael Bernard’s so only 1 out of the 10 posts was actually about me. Apparently, there’s a pretty successful director with my same name, so he was a part of most of the original posts. My result was a grade of an ‘F’ because only one of the posts was actually about me and that was my Instagram account, so it … Continue reading Brand Yourself


For this project we were assigned to work with InDesign to create a mailer postcard for personal or professional use. Out of all the Adobe software we’ve used, I had the most trouble with this program, especially when trying to export it correctly. However, I’m glad I’m starting to become familiar with this software as I will definitely use it in my professional career moving forward. The amount you can do on these programs is astonishing if you know how to use all the tools. Right now, I’m getting close to “knowing enough to be dangerous”, as you might say … Continue reading InDesign


5 Key Terms used to find my Blog Cooking Friends Sporting Events Hiking Trails Disc Golf Google Ads Keyword Tool Recipes– 3,255,200 Friends 1,837,110 Football 4,233,560 Hiking 191,600 Disc Golf 84,670 Utilizing Alternate Key Terms to incorporate into Website/Blog In my free time I enjoy cooking various meals for from scratch, especially because it’s a way to save money in my tight budget during the school year. I have really close relationships with my friends and enjoy summers back at home in Spring Lake where we enjoy to boat on Lake Michigan. I am a sports fanatic and find every … Continue reading SEO/SEM


Hey there for this assignment I used Photoshop to alter my photos by removing content within the photo and adding filters to make the image look better. I think the program is very neat and allows you to create so many unique things. I found that just playing around with the variety of options helped me understand the program at a higher level and I look forward to continuing to use it in my professional career. I chose a photo of this summer doing what I love to do most, which is to be out on the boat back home … Continue reading PhotoShop